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A service developed by the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of UniversiDAD DE Cantabria

What is IHData?

IHData is the collective name for the services associated to the databases developed by the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of the Universidad de Cantabria. IHData is capable of providing accurate wind/wave/sea level climatological statistics for any European country and wave climate for any region worldwide.

IHData services are oriented to transfer and analyse met-ocean data for research or commercial purposes. The objective is to transfer the past, present and future climate knowledge taking account the data quality. The final products are the met-ocean data, climate analysis and characterization and custom climate products.
Met-ocean databases are included in IHData to provide the services and are focused to the marine climate characterization. The main variables are waves, wind and sea level, although currently IHData include more variables. The databases cover different zones with different spatial resolutions, ranging from global to local data with a high spatial resolution near the coast. Most of the databases are a historical reconstruction with hourly temporal resolution covering a period of more than 30 years.

Wind Data

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Wave Data

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Sea Level Data

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