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Sea level can be defined as the level of the surface of the ocean, however sea level is always changing. The main cause of sea level change is the astronomical tide, but meteorological conditions (i.e. winds) can also cause important irregular fluctuations.

IHData provides information of these two sea level components, combined and separated: tide and storm surges. To provide the information IHData include three products that provide information about the hourly variation of the sea level components. GOT (Global Ocean Tides) provide information about the astronomical tide, GOS Global Ocean Surges) information about the storm surge and GOST (Global Ocean Surges and tides) information of the sea level that includes the astronomical tides and storm surge.

Figure 4.1. Annual 99% percentile of Storm Surge (left panel) and 90% percentile of Astronomical Tide (right panel), along the Latin America and Caribbean coastline, computed for the period 1948–2008 (meters).
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