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About IHData

A servide developed by the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of UniversiDAD DE Cantabria

What is IHData?

IHData started to provide services with the develop of global wave hindcast that were forced with the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1, the developed hindcast data were useful to be applied in different coastal activities and areas. Since then IHData has been continuously expanding and updating, developing new products and the improving the methodologies developed for the generation of climate data. Currently the numbers associated to IHData are:

Contains more than 40 databases in a specific repository, generated and developed by the IHCantabria and by other organizations covering long periods, mostly for more than 30 years.​

Has provided service free and external service to more than 100 researchers from more than 20 countries covering all continents.​

Internally to more than 31 national and international projects since 2017.​

To more than 25 companies in more than 10 countries for different applications in different sectors since 2013.​

Contains more than 50 Tbytes divided in 1M of files and has capacity to store more than 130 TBytes.​

More than 100 tools that include functions and subfunctions to access and extract the information.

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