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Custom Climate Products

A service developed by the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of UniversiDAD DE Cantabria

What is Custom Climate Products?

Our team of expert have vast experience in metocean projects that include modelling metocean conditions associated with the waves, wind, sea level and currents. We can use state-of-the-art numerical models and configurations to simulate coastal and offshore processes for a specific zone, improving the metocean information and provide suitable information for the needs of the client, we have modelled the normal conditions and extreme events due to Tropical Cyclones.

We have also developed and manage climate data projections under different greenhouse gas emissions in order to evaluate future changes (for instance, in marine wind power). In addition, we have been working on related coastal and marine climate change impacts for the last decade. Therefore the products could characterize the key aspects and parameters to evaluate the effects of climate change over on metocean variables.

The required works have to be evaluated and we will prepare a customized proposal with all the description of the works, products and deliverables. Some examples of studies included custom Climate Products are:


    • Numerical simulations of metocean environmental conditions at a regional scale focused on target offshore/coastal locations. The product could include atmospheric, ocean, wave or other simulations and the validation of the product. The models will be configured with the best set-up for the target area to provide the better results.
    • Climate change consequences in a target zone over the selected parameters or a customized study over future conditions.
    • Characterization of extreme events due to Tropical Cyclone that include Typhoons and Hurricane in a target zone.
    • Assessment of breaking waves conditions in nearshore locations.
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