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Numerical wind wave reanalyses have become a valuable source of information for wave climate characterization and ocean and coastal applications over the last decade as they provide useful wave climate information to complement, both in time and space, instrumental measurements (buoys and satellite observations).

This modelling is important for design purposes in offshore industry and coastal engineering. Some other topics can be the evaluation of wave energy resources, wave climate variability, definition of operable conditions in shipping routes, maintenance and repair strategies for offshore constructions, extreme wave analysis, etc. Note that for all these purposes wave data containing long time series are required.

IHData contains three wave reanalysis products: GOW (Global Ocean Waves), DOW (Downscaling Ocean Waves) and ROW (Regional Ocean Waves). GOW provides ocean waves at a global coverage and regional spatial scale, ROW at regional coverage with a better resolution than GOW while DOW provides coastal waves at high spatial resolution.​

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