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Offshore Regional Winds at High Resolution


Offshore Regional Winds


Offshore Regional Winds at High-Resolution

SeaWind-HR provide the wind speed with high resolution, achieve a spatial resolution of 1 nautical mile. The high resolution in the numerical modelling is required due to the wind complexity off the coast -with interactions between inland wind/ orography and ocean winds (Menéndez et al., 2010). ​

Two high resolution (SeaWind-HR) offshore wind datasets at have been developed: SeaWind-HR-Cant, for the northern Spanish coast, and SeaWind-HR-Gib for the southern Spanish coast (spatial domains in figure 2.3).

Figure  2.3. Spatial domains of SWind-HR database.

This database has been developed using a hybrid downscaling which combines numerical modellling (dynamical downscaling) and mathematical tools (statistical downscaling).​

The dynamic downscaling consists of an hourly wind simulation for a selected number of days. They were selected by the maximum-dissimilarity algorithm from the SeaWind dataset (Camus et al., 2011) that include the most representative of wind hourly conditions in the regions and extreme conditions. Therefore, The numerical modelling is based on wind simulation for 500 days at a 1 nautical mile horizontal resolution using the WRF model. This subset of wind situations allows time series reconstruction using the analogue technique for over 60 years for the northern Spanish coast (1948-2009) and 20 years for the southern Spanish coast (1989-2009).​