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ROW is a regional historical reconstruction of coastal waves that include several regional wave reanalysis. The different ROW projects are forced with the SWAN (Simulation Waves Nearshore; Booij et al., 1999) model. SWAN is a third-generation wave model that computes random, short-crested wind-generated waves in open seas and coastal regions.

The model accounts for the following physics: wave generation by wind, wave propagation in time and space, shoaling, refraction, three- and four-wave interactions, whitecapping, bottom friction, depth-induced breaking, wave-induced set-up, wave generation and propagation at regional scales, transmission through and reflection against obstacles and diffraction.

The spectral domain in the ROW projects are defined with 36 directions and 24 frequency bins. The model is forced with hourly 10-m wind fields from CFSR or regional hindcast. The wave outputs from the global wave reanalysis GOW are used as boundary conditions in order to consider distant swells. The ROW project cover several regions with different spatial resolution. The Table 3.1 show all the ROW datasets that are available in IH Data with the main characteristics and an example of the wave outcomes and domains are showed in figure 3.6.

Table 3.1.  Main characteristics of the ROW datasets available in IH Data, the coordinates of the geographical coverage are aproximated

Figure 3.6. (Top) Mean significant wave height (meters) during the three month period from June to august in Arabian sea . (Bottom) Mean significant wave height during the period 1979-2016 along the Cuban coast.