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Global Ocean Surges and Tides


Global Ocean Tide


Global Oceans Surge


Global Ocean Surges and Tides

GOST include the water level forced by the ocean tides and meteorological conditions, the water level include the tides, surges and the non-linear energy transfer between tides and suges that is significant in macrotidal areas. So the GOST dataset improve the results in macrotidal areas but in microtidal areas the results are similar.

The details about the different historical reconstructions of storm surge datasets are shown in the Table 4.1, only the last domain that covers the Latin America and Caribbean area has been forced without the non-linear interaction between tides and surge.

Table 4.1. Main characteristics of the ROW datasets available in IH Data, the coordinates of the geographical coverage are aproximated

Figure 4.4. Comparison of the GOST dataset level (tide and surge) with in situ measurements in terms of (Left) Pearson correlation index and (Right) root mean squeare error (RMSE).

Tide and surge elevations of the GOST dataset were validated with measures from tidal gauges and altimetry data. The validation results (figure 4.4) show high correlation values in macrotidal zones and lower in microtidal zones of the Mediterranean sea. The RMSE values are below the 15 cm in the most of the tidal gauges, showing the capability of the model to accurately simulate sea level in different zones.​